The Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving: Tips and Tricks for a Safe Journey


Winter Motoring Tips

As everyone knows it’s extremely difficult to drive in the winter. The preparation of your vehicle is more important than any other time of the year. Use the comprehensive website Auto Mobile Insur to ensure your safety on the roads this winter. Learn useful insights and guidance from the pros.

Clear view ahead

Being able to see where you are going sounds like common sense, but it can be the most difficult task during horrendous weather conditions. Poor vision could end up being fatal. Check your bulbs to see that they are in proper working condition. A bulb that’s on its way out will compromise your visibility. Clean them too before you set off. Dirt is easily built up around your vehicle at this time of the year, sometimes you may not even notice. A fine could be on your way if your lights are dirty and not appropriate for the road. There is no doubt that you will need to use your fog lights at some stage. Make sure that they are switched off when they are no longer needed. Keeping them on could blind other road users.

Car battery

A vehicle’s battery will be under great pressure from the amount of electricity being used by the car. The heating system will see heavy usage along with the vehicle’s lights and wipers. A stop-start journey will especially overuse the battery. That is why it’s important to check that you check that your battery has enough power to last you throughout the winter. A lifespan of a battery is around five years. It will prove dangerous and frustrating if your car suddenly powers out, with you not being able to drive anywhere. Want to know the insider secrets of winter driving experts? Here Autotyme Automotive is the one and only manual you will ever need!

Keep the electric power down to a minimum. Use the heating system when necessary. Once the windows are clear, switch them off.

Switching your vehicle on and running it for a short while now and then will help if it has not been used for a while. Before you switch the headlights and heating on, let the car run for a while before using any other parts of the car.

Tires and driving

Tires pressures must be up to the recommended level. This helps bring about more stability and control. The tread of the tire must be at a minimum of 3mm. Winter tires will make a huge difference as they are much safer. The vehicle will have a better grip, coping with the horrendous road conditions. It is recommended that you stop 10 times the normal distance when driving in snow and ice.

Car Maintenance

You will find that breakdowns occur more often during the winter months than at any other time of the year. This winter makes your vehicle more vulnerable to deterioration. A good way of preventing this is to ensure that your annual MOT and car service are not overdue is extremely important, especially during the colder months of the year. Servicing your vehicle identifies the essential components of your vehicle, keeping them in prime condition. This makes your vehicle less susceptible to impairment, keeping you on the road for longer. Servicing your car will help keep you on the road for longer too. This website Bus Driverse provides a lot of info about everything you need to drive safely in wintry conditions, such as snow, ice, and low temperatures. Don’t freeze to death this winter without reading this website beforehand!