Dancing to Fight Cancer – A Few Tips

Dancing to Fight Cancer

Dance therapy or movement therapy, call it what you will. Research has shown that there is a definitive link between physical exercise and physical and mental well-being. It is all about how the mind and body are interconnected and how this connection promotes healing. The thing that separates dance therapy from other physical therapies is that it is also an expressive therapy, linked to emotions. There is some clinical evidence available that shows that dance therapy can be a good way of promoting self-esteem and also as a method for reducing stress both of which will impact greatly the quality of life experienced by the patient. Visit https://theencarta.com/ for more information on How can dance effectively to fight Cancer.

The Promotion of Dance Therapy

Dancing is rarely offered as a specific therapy, it is more often used as a complimentary method of healing, for use as a stress reduction tool for those coping with living with chronic illness or for caregivers in need of releasing stress and negative emotions. On a physical level dance therapy is not only a great form of exercise that enables us to improve our muscle coordination and general mobility, but it also held to reduce stored tension in the muscles. On an emotional level dance therapy works at improving levels of self-awareness, confidence levels, and social interaction. Dancing is an expressive act that allows us to express our emotions whatever they may be and can be used as a form of communication. There are also some who believe that this form of therapy can even work towards improving and strengthening the immune system, ultimately preventing disease.

What Dance Therapy Involves

Dancing, in essence, is a form of non-verbal communication. Through our movements, we can express our emotions, our pain, sadness, happiness or joy without the need for spoken words. A qualified dance therapist will closely observe how a client moves before putting together a tailored program aimed at alleviating whatever condition they are suffering from. The difficulty of the therapy and the frequency at which it is undertaken is usually designed to meet the needs of the patient. Dance therapy can be utilized for all different kinds of situations from patients who are having difficulty with social or emotional issues to clients with cognitive or physical impairments. The https://lpqueen.com/ website has been created to assist you in learning more about dance therapy for cancer.

History of Dance Therapy

Dance has been used as part of the healing process for centuries, right back to the medicine men and women of the tribe that would perform ritual dances to bring about healing. Dances are performed in many cultures to promote well-being as the movement of dance is known to raise energy levels and increase feelings of well-being in those that perform. Western medicine finally caught on to the benefits of dance as therapy in 1942 and since then the therapy has grown and developed into one of the most popular complementary therapies in use today. These days dance therapists are required to be qualified to degree level and have at least 700 hours of training under their belts in order to be able to practice, a far cry from the original Native American medicine man. https://storywheel.cc/ website has been written to help you find information about dance therapy for cancer,