Best Ways to Celebrate Birthday in College


College time is a boring time and birthday is the chance to do something different. It’s time to spend the fun time with friends and go for an outing for a change. There are tons of plans and activities you can do for celebrating birthdays. Here we suggested some simple tricks of celebrating a birthday in your budget.

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1 – Go for Movie

Planning a movie with friends is a special trick to delight the mood of friends. Go for a movie to tickle your friends. Simply enjoy the time with friends by watching a movie together. Plan to go for a movie at lunchtime. Tell all your friends to eat breakfast so you get no burden of taking them to lunch. Don’t you want to burden your pockets, arrange impromptu movie nights in a room with a projector, a favorite movie with lots of drinks and snacks? If you want to get more tips and tricks about a birthday surprise, then visit this website for detailed information.

2 – Spend time with your Partner

You are in a relationship then you have the best time to spend with your partner. Allow your partner to come with you and enjoy quality time in the room. Or else you can go to the nearby cafeteria to give her a delicious treat. Go for a stroll and explore a new place. Give your partner a surprise visit to a place you have never met before. It’s fine if you take her to the shopping mall and buy her a gift.

3 – Go out for ice cream

You can celebrate this day with friends by enjoying ice crème. It is the best and simple edible treat to give your friends on a birth date. Or else you can go to the nearby cafeteria and replace the ice crème with brownie or cake pastry. Serve some cold coffee or beverage to pair it up with creamy desserts.

4 – Party Celebration

You want to rock your celebration then go to the party. It’s a little tough to cherish the birthday party at a rented place. Instead, book a club or go for a music club to enjoy the birthday night to the fullest. Tell all your friends to dress up nicely and head out with your friends to give them a memorable treat.

5 – Photo-shoot

It’s true that these college days are never going to return. The trick is to send notice to all your friends to get dressed up in a certain theme. All your friends have to meet up at a college campus to capture the college time photos. Wonder not if you are not a professional photographer, you capture the memories will be saved for the years to come. Click here to read in-depth articles about managing arrangements for parties.

6 – Birthday Cake

The cake is an essential requirement when you are celebrating a birthday in college. You have a group of friends and buying a big cake will eat your budget. Instead, tell your mom to bake brownies for you. Store it in a fridge and serve it when you are inviting friends to celebrate. The second alternative is to buy small cupcakes and then serve it at the party. Have some finger licking snacks ready for snack time. Third and the easiest option is to buy a Birthday Cake online and enjoy the cake cutting ceremony with friends.

7 – Decoration

Friends must be looking for ways of how to decorate the room for a birthday. Don’t go for big banners, have some letter balloons to make a garland. Go for happy birthday garlands to decorate the cake backyard. Buy some crafty supplies like craft papers, scissors, sticky tape, glue to decorate the room. Make a garland of balloons and use it to make a wonderful welcome arch for the party host.

Celebrating a birthday in college is a fun and memorable affair. Here you have some limitations on spending because you have to spend your pocket money for a treat. Instead of throwing a big party, pick the useful tricks mentioned above. Skip the big budget and follow these simple ideas to give your friends a memorable treat. Use this article as an inspiration to cherish the auspicious date willfully without picking on pockets. You can also visit this website to get more ideas about giving surprises to your loved ones.