Banning Youtube? An Eye-Opening Failure


YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google. A platform has more than a billion viewers on daily records. Numerous content creators upload useful videos daily on this platform. Varieties of videos are available on YouTube. Each content creator has picked up a niche and exceptionally made a video. A platform is a modern learning institute. Information from each industry is easily available here including technology, business, news, sports, pets, health, fitness, parenting, food, travel, etc. You can also visit this website to get detailed information about modern technologies and application software as well.

A platform is not just to share knowledge. But, entertainers and Vloggers use this platform excessively. YouTube has now become a giant industry. But, still, the clouds of censorship are always roaming around on this platform. Up till now, lots of counties and content creators have received warnings. The shocking news is that numerous countries have been banned previously from YouTube.

There are some countries where YouTube is completely banned. Some countries have to face punishment for the long term, while few are banned for a limited time. But in cases where a YouTube is banned due to only one video, then leniency is shown to such cases. Interestingly, there are countries where YouTube was never banned and they are still enjoying the facilities of this platform.

Reasons For Banning A Youtube

The following are some reasons for why YouTube can be blocked or banned.

Creating In-Sensitive Content

When a content creator makes a video on sensitive issues and criticizes a popular celebrity or an organization, then YouTube bans or blocks you. In this section, criticism of any government, government leaders, and religious leaders are the common reasons to be banned.

Breach Of A State Law

YouTube has complete rights to ban YouTube in cases of violation of state laws. This includes several factors such as copyright laws, breach of hatred speeches, countrywide safety legislation, etc. In simple words, you should be ready to be banned, once these laws are broken.

Unsuitable Videos

YouTube has provided certain rules and regulations. A platform expects its users to strictly follow those laws. Promoting inappropriate videos on a platform has a high risk to be banned. A video that is disturbing a nation as a whole is strictly prohibited. Unsuitable videos are never tolerated in this platform. If you are looking for a website that provides you complete information about social media, software, and gadgets as well.

Reasons Why Youtube Should Not Be Banned

The following are some reasons indicating that YouTube should not be banned:

Video Adds More Value

YouTube is a search engine where content is available in video form. Undoubtedly, written content has its value. But, certain segments of the audience prefer watching a video, instead of reading content. Video provides more value and it has the power to digest the information as compared to written content.

Opportunity To Learn New Skills

YouTube is a knowledge hub. Lots of students and professionals use YouTube for learning purposes. A platform can teach you new, interesting, and in-demanded skills. All information is easily available here. You can easily learn web development, graphic designing, English speaking, and a lot more through this platform.

Business And Career Documentaries

YouTube has numerous videos for business learners and corporate professionals. Lots of experienced gurus and cvmaker have opened their channels and guided professionals on how to be unique and compete with the competitors. Such business coaches have provided easy steps for starting a business. Those experts are constantly guiding their viewers to launch income streams from various industries.

Information Provider

What platform comes in our mind when someone asks us about the video information provider? Undoubtedly, YouTube will display in our mind in no time. Everyone knows, it is a platform where we can find any sorts of information in video form. A platform allows each individual to open a channel and share knowledge with viewers. Therefore, banning YouTube is never an appropriate option.

A Full-Time Source Of Income

A statement won’t be wrong if we say that YouTube is a source of income for the modern era. Numerous unemployed individuals have opened their channelson this platform and earning a handsome amount of money. There was a time when YouTube was considered an unreliable source of earning. But, the stereotype has changed. A platform is now considered as a full-time job across the globe. If you want to know more about latest technology and software, check out this site:

Furthermore, it is a myth that a platform is only applicable to extrovert personality. In reality, numerous YouTubers are earning good money even without showing their faces; they simply share valuable knowledge by doing a voice-over of text written information.

We all are aware of how important YouTube is for our lives. A platform is useful for each individual. Whether you are a student, a corporate professional, a teacher, or even a housewife, this platform keeps on providing helpful knowledge to its viewers. If such a useful platform is banned, then it is surely an injustice for the state.