5 Hot Career Options for Advertising Professionals

Career Options for Advertising Professionals

A career in advertising has long been highly romanticized. It’s right up there with movie acting, racecar driving, and journalism. It is one of those creative jobs where you get to wear a nice suit to work and come up with creative ideas and, best of all, get paid for those ideas. Moreover, advertising is a fundamental part of the capitalist process. If a business makes a product, how will they introduce that product to the public in a way that encourages them not only to purchase the product, but also to enjoy and buy it again in the future? Most companies are dedicated to making sure the consumer will like their product – an ad man or woman will devise a campaign to tell consumers why they will like the product. If you want to get more tips about making your career professional, visit this website https://thesilentchief.com/ to get detailed information. Here are 5 hot career options for advertising professionals.

  1. Copywriter. You know all those words on billboards, bus stop ads and television commercials? It is usually up to the copy editing team at a particular advertising agency to draft creative taglines and slogans to help sell a specific product. If you notice, most advertisements have very short and succinct text. This is because copywriting is intended to catch people’s attention in an instant, which is especially important if it is a large billboard and you have cars whizzing by. Successful copywriting should be extraordinarily memorable.
  2. Creative. One of the most exciting and intellectually stimulating careers in advertising is definitely in the creative department. In the creative department you will be working on graphic design, illustration and even photography to create advertisements. If it is a directive mail advertising campaign, you will be creating all the visuals that will catch people’s attention when a postcard or piece of mail drops through their mailbox.
  3. Public relations. A public relations career can be incredibly exciting. It will be your job to help market and mold a particular individual or group’s public image. For instance, if you work for a celebrity or someone in the public eye, it will be your job to arrange interviews, speaking arrangements, and any other engagements that might boost someone’s image. You will be helping them sell movie tickets, books, or even albums. You might also work for an organization, like a non-profit to encourage donors and benefactors. For further details, visit this dedicated website: https://airdemon.net/
  4. Executive. One of the highest paying positions in advertising is definitely that of an accounts executive. The accounts executive will be responsible for managing all old clients and enticing new clients to do business with his advertising agency over the competition. You might have to do a lot of bending over backwards, but as an accounts executive you could be making a salary in the mid seven figures.
  5. Digital advertising. As a digital advertising executive, it will be your job to create online marketing campaigns and to place advertisements across multiple platforms on the web. You will be working with both clients and website managers to find effective ways to get a certain brand message out to consumers. As a digital advertising executive you must love the web and have a voracious appetite for all the content it has to offer. If you still have some questions regarding the advertising profession, check out this website https://kardblock.com/ for further details.