3 Colours to Avoid in Your Office Design


It is still surprising how many small business owners pay little or no attention to the colour scheme they have in their office. The type of colour that you use and the location where you use it can potentially have an effect on the psychological state of your employees, so when it comes to decorating the rest room area, what colours should you avoid? Discover the office design colours to avoid for a professional and stylish workspace. Visit casain decor to acquire further knowledge.

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Every different colour has a particular psychological aspect attached to it and yellow is more synonymous with emotion than any other colour. There are a number of positive and negative emotions that can be produced and felt by someone when they come into contact with an environment that has a heavy accent of yellow in the colour scheme.

Whilst yellow can be associated with positive emotions such as optimism, emotional strength, friendliness and creativity it can also generate negative feelings too. These emotions could be fear and irrationality, anxiety and even depression.

It is not a good colour to use in your rest room or recreational area as it can also stimulate feelings of hunger and anger so it will not generally be conducive to producing a positive environment for staff using the facilities.


This colour has a lot of physical properties and emotions attached to it and can stimulate a range of relatively aggressive emotions such as courage, strength, excitement and even masculinity. Defiance, aggression and a raised pulse rate are hardly the ideal emotions that you want to provoke in your rest room area so it is a colour that really has to be avoided if you wish to avoid potential confrontations and heated debate in an area where rest and relaxation is the required stimulus. Boost productivity with the right office design colours which are provided at this website plant ware .

Red is the strongest colour of all and has very little subtlety to it and whilst it certainly can be used to create a stimulating a lively environment, it is certainly a colour to use with caution in an office environment.


This colour promotes psychological neutrality and many of us associate grey with a general sense of dreariness, depression and a lack of energy. Pure grey is basically the only colour that really does not have any specific or direct psychological properties and yet it can actually be quite suppressive.

The use of grey is in effect creating a virtual absence of any colour and this can make us feel depressed and withdrawn and excessive use of the colour can generate a feeling of lack of confidence and has a dampening effect on the other colours around it as well.

Grey may well be a colour associated with industry and work but use it your rest room area at your peril as you will be sending your staff into a virtual state of hibernation which is hardly likely to promote a sense of wellbeing and increase productivity.

White has a lot of positive connotations and positive attributes for the colour include the impression of hygiene, sterility, cleanliness and efficiency. So in many respects, it would probably be a good choice of colour to decorate the walls of your rest room with. You can get more tips and ideas about designing ,renovating, decorating and improvement at here revamphomegoods .